I am a Wife and Mother
A Daughter and Sister
An Aunt, Daughter-in Law and Sister-in Law, too
I am a Cousin, First, Second, and Third

I am Blessed by God, Favored and shaped into his likeness
The generations before, I stand on their shoulders
The accomplishments, struggles, ups and downs
Yes, it all comes along with the package

I am a Southerner and proud of my heritage
I am a song, the melodies are so sweet to the ear
I am a student, a seeker, a keeper, and teacher
It is not about me, but about the One who uses me
To do His will... To speak His Words... To go out into the fields...

I am a work in progress. I am thirsty for the knowledge to share it with others.
No, an overnight product I am not, but I am a royal priesthood, joint heir with the Son.
Oh, how the work seems so much, and the laborers are few
I am like the roots of a tree
You may only see a couple on the surface of the ground,
But there is much more to see underneath

So, I AM what He made me to be.
Without Him, where would I be?
Yes, He gets the credit and all the glory!
For, I AM me, can you see Him through me?

Be Blessed,


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