The Clouds

I recall looking up at the clouds when I was a little girl, full of dreams, and free from any cares of the world. We could be riding along in the car and I would look up at the white or gray clouds and whatever I was thinking, that cloud mysteriously shaped into the object I was thinking about. One minute I could gaze up and see the image of an animal, such as cow, and the next an airplane. The serene and peace would engulf me and take me to a place of freedom.

God's Word liberates us and sets us free from those cares of the world as adults. In Psalm 119:105, the psalmist says "your word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path". The Word of God can bring the serenity and peace to your dim situation. It can bring light to the darkness that you face. There is nothing more powerful that the Word of God. Use this weapon you have to regain the joy and peace God intended for you to enjoy.

The clouds are transformed by the Word of God into the shape of God's intended purpose. He want us to live a life on purpose to do His Will and still enjoy the peace that only comes from Him.

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