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As long as there is hope, I have faith Lord that you can heal the sick. I speak to the dry bones and command them to be restored.

Praying for you Daddy!


Seek Peace!

Lord, teach us to live in tranquility. There is no greater feeling. Even in the midst of persecution, suffering, turmoil, God is the answer to seeking peace through it all. 

Dear Lord,
We thank You for who You are and for seeing fit to use us to do your work. Like Nehemiah, we are assigned to rebuild the walls. Regardless of the opposition or whomever may not be on our team, we will rely and trust that you will build our team with those who are willing to help construct something bigger and better than what was there originally. Actually, there are dreams and visions that may not have been realized by anyone previous, but you have bestowed that responsibility unto us and we will take it and run with it. Thank you in advance for the strength we need to accomplish the task. 

Whatever that is in us that is not of You, we cast it out now, in Jesus' Name. We all fall short and where we do, we look to you to help teach and correct us to do it the right way. If we lack wisdom, we ask you ri…