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God's Love Letter to His People

Have you ever turned on the television and flipped the channels and suddenly ended up on a channel that captured your attention that you stopped and ended up spending a couple of hours glued to the TV screen because the plot was so intriguing. Or, have you ever opened a book and read the first chapter, but didn't actually intend to put it down until maybe chapter five because at each stopping point you came to, the plot was so good, it drew you to want to read the next chapter and the next. You read five chapters without realizing three hours later, you were at the end of chapter twelve. Let's picture a group of believers who were living for God, but somehow distractions came and worldly desires led them to live sub par, below what God planned for them. They did not realize or perhaps forgot that God had already blessed them with ALL Spiritual blessings.

Let's take a look at what the Apostle Paul did to remind the Ephesians, the believers, that God loved them so much tha…

But God

When it seems like there is no way out of turmoil, but God can render a safe haven! He is our shelter in the time of storm.

When it seems like people are fickle, but God is a friend who can turn a frown into a smile. Thank you Jesus for being our friend.

When sickness and disease comes from all directions, but God is a healer! He heals us ALL! Thank you Lord for your healing hands.

When the roads seem crooked, but God can make the crooked places straight!

When foolishness is rampart, but God is our wise Counselor! Thank you Lord for wisdom.

When the weather forecasters predict rain, but God can send the sun in the mist of the rain. What a beautiful rainbow!

When all else fails, but God can pick you and I up and turn us around and use us for His glory!

When we make mistakes and offend others, but God is merciful and gracious to wipe the slate clean.

Dear Lord,
We surrender our will for Your Will. Although we may not fully understand our mission, we believe that you will reveal it to us in du…