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God Our Healer

Jehovah Rophi is our God who heals. Oftentimes, we think of healing in the physical realm, but we may need healing in the mental and spiritual realms, as well. Wherever you my find yourself along this spectrum, just know that God is the Great Physician and by His stripes we are already healed. We make this our declaration today. 
Thank you for healing us, ~LaKenya

A Prayer for Today

Promote Harmony

Quality over Quantity

God Approves

Faith Stretching

44 Jewels of the Nile Tribute

To:  Soror Twanda Jackson-Mickle (My spec) & DST Beta Gamma F'95

Congratulations on celebrating 20 years in this great sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta. This is indeed a milestone that you all should be so elated to celebrate and fellowship with one another this weekend. Jewels are precious stones, cut and designed intricate for specific yet different purposes. You all have demonstrated the characteristics that are so befitting of your line name. It takes courage, perseverance, drive, and commitment to keep moving forward. There are so many that weren’t afforded the opportunity to be a part of such an elated group of women.
Over the span of two decades, it is my prayer that you all have loved yourselves, your families, others, the community and supported causes that uplift and made our world a better place. Learning is a lifelong process, so I know you all have and still contribute to the continuing of educational programs in your circles and abroad.
With the love, learning, sis…

In all Things Give Thanks

Choose Unity

Be Free

Divine Connections

Bless Beyond

Choose for You

Pray for Laborers

Serving Pays Off

Keep Leading!

Cling to Good, Love Unconditionally!

Stepping Up

The Israelites wondered around in circles in the wilderness for forty, almost forty-one years on a journey that would normally take eleven days. They didn't step up to the next level as you would climb up a staircase of winding stairs. As such, one step after the other, designed to take you up a level each time - step by step. Instead, they wondered around the same mountain repeatedly. 

Have you ever asked yourself, why am I still going around this same mountain over and over? Not making any way to move to the next level? Why am I still going about my day, listening to the same old commentaries on television talking about what's wrong with this person and how this person is not who they say they are. Why am I putting up with the same old people talking about what's wrong with someone and why they can't do what they need to do? Why am I letting the same situation trample all over me, the blame game, the victim cry, the fear of people talking about me for standing up for …

BlessedAssurance Blogspot T-shirts Are Available Now!

If you have been blessed by reading this blog, simply like reading, or would like to support this written ministry, you can now receive a BlessedAssurance t-shirts by clicking on the "Donate" button to the right of the screen. A donation of any amount, you will receive a personal note from me and this enables me to continue to share the love of Christ through written media across the World. Please be sure to include your mailing address or email in the note field of your donation. Donations of $20.00 or more, you will receive a BlessedAssurance t-shirt and a personal note from me. May God continue to fill your hearts with peace and joy! Thank you for reading my blog. 

Blessings and Peace,~ LaKenya

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You Thought!

You thought you were not going to get over that stronghold. You thought you weren't going to get over that sickness that almost made you give in to it. You thought you weren't going to get over that broken relationship. You thought you weren't going to make friends at your new school. You thought that you would always succumb to dysfunctional relationships. You thought you weren't going to get along with the people at your job. You thought you were the only one feeling lonely, yet surrounded by people everyday.You thought you weren't going to understand the Pastor's message. You thought that when you read your Bible, you wouldn't get the revelation. But God gave you the anointing to press through everything you thought you wouldn't make it out of, from or through.  You see people can't fill the void that only God can. People can't save you or deliver you from attacks that are designed for God's deliverance. 

Psalm 37:39 reads, But the salvati…

What I Wasn't Expecting

Without Boundaries

When one thinks of boundaries, the notion of a limit or a wall put in place to hold back something may come to mind. I remember studying business without boundaries in graduate school and learned that businesses do not have to be limited or confined to a territory. They can operate globally and service the needs of anyone anywhere with the proper channels. So, it is with God’s promises. He can operate in each of our lives servicing various needs and benefit all of His children. His promises are no respecter of persons. Therefore, you and I have the access to His promises. There are no limits or boundaries that can confine the greatness that He has in store for you and me.

Without boundaries,