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Faint Not

Keep doing and believing what God has ordained you to do. In due season, you will reap if you faint not, hang in there! Today, I met with my son's teacher regarding an incident that occurred on his birthday. He wrote a story ark one day and the next day, he wrote a paragraph about a totally different topic. She perceived it as him trying to get back at her for some reason by not following directions. In my inner being, I felt that he really didn't understand or know that he was to continue the narrative based on the story ark. Afterwards, I asked him, why did he write that second paragraph and he said that he didn't know that he was suppose to be writing about the same story that he depicted in his story ark. He thought she just wanted them to write a story. Without him saying anything, I could feel that he knew "Moma" was going to support him and back him. This holds true to the relationship that God has with His children. He knows that His children will be per…


Football Fun, hard Throwing, catching, passing It is very fun! Surprising, tiring, amazing Dangerous, painful Rugby By: Cameron T. Moore (4th Grade) Diamante Poem Diamante is the Italian word for diamond Typed By: LaKenya D. Moore (Mom)

Press Through

Sometimes, it's imperative to encourage yourself to press through. Even when you really can not see the end result, there has to be a faith that will prevail in the process. At that moment, God will take his strength, replace it with your flesh and lift you and I to a place of refuge. One in which, only He can perform once we place our faith and trust in Him.

This morning, it was raining steadily as we prepared to attend church services. One mind said, it is raining entirely too hard to get out and the temperatures were dropping. Not to mention, this is my Sunday I committed to assist with Children's Church. Although we arrived about fifteen minutes after services started, we were well in time to prepare for the children. They actually arrived about fifteen minutes thereafter. Thus, the time was in our favor and I was dropped off under the shed, so I didn't get wet at all. As I pressed through to honor my commitment, I realized that although I saw a few obstacles, I walked…


We are one body with many members. The arms can not say to the legs I don't need you. The ears can not say to the nose, I don't need you. All work together for the common good-To function as a unit! So it is, with spiritual gifts. Each one of us have been given a spiritual gift when we were born again in the Spirit. Some more than others, some a dominant gift, some a natural talent that works in conjunction with the spiritual gifts. All in all, God has gifted us according to His will! Give thanks for that and walk in it! Don't let anyone, thought, or group tell you otherwise....Whatever He has gifted you with, He has equipped you to work and build the Kingdom and to work in the ministry! 
You are gifted!

Minstering through song, Tasha Cobbs!

Releasing Strongholds

I have come to the conclusion that I am tired of strongholds. I will not tolerate them anymore. A stronghold is anything that works against one to prevent them from doing the will of God. It can be a fear, an addiction, a dysfunction that has been passed down from generation to generation. Anything that has a grasp on a person and seems to have a life of it's own, is a stronghold and we are going to declare and decree that they are broken and released today, "In Jesus' Name".

Alcoholism is a stronghold that I want to focus on today. Some think that it is a disease, an addiction, a habit. I really don't know what to call it except that it is a stronghold that is contrary to God's best for anyone's life. Although there are plenty of other strongholds that can be mentioned, so we release them ALL today. It is time to put an expiration date on alcoholism and it ends today. Alcoholism is such a destructive sickness and can tear apart families, have long lastin…