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Is it Me?

Sometimes I ask the question to myself, "Is it just me"? When it seems like there is just an urgency to get the assignment done, but there is no focus on the person performing the work to complete the assignment. The human element has been taken out of many of the processes. The mindsets are so distorted that it seems like there is more focus on the product than the producer. Is it me or am I walking in this bubble some times when I see that the person who is trying their best to be accepted by the “in-crowd” at the expense of their integrity finds him/herself still all alone or at a crossroad? Overlooking the sadness that is so prevalent in the countenance of an individual when he/she is talking to me can not be ignored. There is a longing for acceptance in the wrong arena. Sure, we are to fellowship with one another, but it is a must to keep our standards of integrity and sense of good character. Well, where do we find integrity, good character, wisdom? It is in the Word o…