I Am in the Zoo

I am a pocka-dot dog that wants to be in the zoo. I see two children that want to play and it asks the men, "Can I be in the zoo"? Then the men said, "You are not a zoo animal". "So you will have to stay outside" and "you can only look at the zoo animals". "While you look, we will just feed you". "Now you can play with the children". So the men asked the children do they want to play with the dog and they said "yes, we sure do want to play with the dog"!

"The dog wants to play with you, too"! So, this is the first thing we are going to play, hide and seek. And the dog is "IT". This is how you play, when you are "IT", you have to count to ten or twenty. The two that are not "IT" have to hide while you count. So the dog counts to ten. Then they hid some where. The dog found both of them.

The men said "you can come in the zoo now and be a zoo animal". Then the children went home. They decided that they did not want to be in the zoo after all.


Written by: Cameron Moore, Age 6
Typed by: LaKenya Moore


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