Running To and Fro

With the constant changing technology, we can so easily get pulled in all sorts of directions. The accessibility to the Internet, the common use of mobile phones, and other electronic devices have gotten us to a place of disarray. We sometimes can not prioritize the important things and forget to do the mundane tasks. When the day ends and  it is time to wind do, what have we really accomplished that can impact the lives beyond our physical reach?

Running to work, school activities, meetings, church functions, the store, and even to extra curricular activities can take its toll on our bodies both physically and emotionally. Draining our very essence and depleting our individual resources can cause us to get busy and not be productive. Going from one function to the next, from one activity to the next, can cloud the focus. What is it that I really could be doing that can make a difference for some one's well being? What mission have I accomplished by running to and fro?

Often times, we have to stand still and access our own motives regarding our desire to partake in all of these activities. Some questions that will help us include; what is the motive for this? Am I only in this for me or can someone else benefit from what I am doing? Is this healthy for me? How can this be used to increase the welfare of someone else? Now, let us take a look at the answers. Is the mission clearer now? If so, keep on running to and fro so that your light can spark the flames of some other stem. If not, weed out and eliminate those things that do not add substance and redirect your focus.

Stay focused,


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