Rain Showers

Often times, rain showers may be looked upon as a hindrance to outside enjoyment, such as playing in the yard, at the park, or even taking a daily walk. When I was a toddler, we use to sing this song that goes like this, "rain, rain, go away come back another day....because I want to go outside and play". Years later and experiences later, I see rain showers in a different light. Rain is needed to help sustain the life of the birds and other wild animals to nourish their bodies. In addition, rain is needed for the plants and trees to grow.

As the rain drops hit the earth, there is a new beginning of life, a replenished root, rejuvenation of life, newness of growth. As the soil soaks up the water, there is a need for more rain showers to start the process over again. Life is a revolving door. There are seasons of drought, times where all needs are met, and times where a new revelation must be birthed. None of this can happen if it were not for the rain showers.

Welcome the rain into your lives and watch your life flourish. Just like the dear thirsts by the river for water, we thirst for more rain showers. Let your dreams and desires be watered, your mission rejuvenated, and your family re birthed as the rain drops fill our lives today with purpose.

Abundant blessings unto you,


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