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Do you know that everything has a purpose! What is your purpose? What have you desired to do that you have put off and put off that it now seems in the distance waving it's hands "good-bye"? I remember the innocent day dreams of creating a better environment for children. One in which, they did not have to think about where their next meal would come from or compromise studying because they were busy thinking about how the household bills would get paid.

There is a longing to DO something to make the world a better place. I am talking about starting in the inner circle, the immediate environment. The neighborhood I grew up in, the kids that walk up and down the street with no direction or anyone to point them in the right direction. Is it possible to give someone a purpose? Can you plant a seed of hope in the life of a child who has not been exposed to anything outside of his/her own city?

Sure, there is a time of planting, a time of watering, and a time of reaping the h…