K...A...T (Know, Apply, and Teach). It's not enough to know something and not apply it. What good does it do to Know; Apply it for yourself and not Teach it to someone else? Keep the heritage and knowledge flowing. So, let's Study so that we will Know it, Apply it so that the studying will not be in vain, then Teach it so that the philosophy continues.

There are cycles of learning that we all go through. Whether we are like babies just starting to crawl or like mature grown ups, sharpening the advanced skills of life, there is still much to share with others. Do you realize that some people are not exposed to the same resources and therefore, do not exhibit the skill sets necessary to compete competitively in the arena. Now that arena can be in the workforce, in the community, in the Christian circle, or even in an academic setting. This is where one must employ the K...A...T technique. When you study and understand a concept, the cycle is not complete until you apply it. You have to test it and use that which you have acquired. After applying the concept, it is beneficial to teach that concept to the next person who has the desire and wherewith all to grasp it. So, you see the knowledge has gone full cycle and the process starts all over again.

These are my thoughts for today! Until next time...?



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