Receive His Love Today!

May 26, 2011

Excerpt from Today's Word with Joel and Victoria:

God loves you so much today! He wants you to know and experience His love. When you experience something, it becomes real to you. You “own” it, so to speak. For example, let’s say you’ve never eaten chocolate before. Someone else can describe it to you. They can tell you all about the taste and texture, but until you take a bite of it, it won’t really mean anything.
In the same way, you can hear all about God’s love and how wonderful He is, but it’s not until you experience it first hand and allow His love to sink down into your heart that something happens on the inside of you. His love changes you. It builds confidence and strength in you. It empowers you to overcome temptation and to stand strong no matter what difficulty you may be facing. When you open your heart and receive His love, you will be fully persuaded that nothing can separate you from Him!


Father in heaven, I open my heart to You today. Fill me with Your love so that I can know You more. I desire to experience You in every part of my being. I surrender every area of my life to You. Have Your way in me. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
— Joel & Victoria Osteen


  1. Dear Kenya: I love chocolate!And every time I eat a piece of it, I want even more of it!On cake, ice-cream...I can't have enough of chocolate (laughter). Now wait a mn, I'm not missing the point. I must confess this hunger for chocolate isn't always the same every day. Some days, I want to eat more chocolate, others, I don't feel like eating much but the point is: I love chocolate and I never say no when asked to have a piece. This is pretty much how I feel about my affection with Christ. However, I refused to trust my feelings, emotions, and circumstances. I will love GOD even when I don't feel like because HE is GOD. I invite everyone to do the same before without HIM we are nothing. I experienced GOD's love since the young age. I know He is real. I saw GOD's work in people's lives. GOD is real, ppl!

  2. @Jessica, great analogy of the chocolate and the love of God. You make an all too real point. Yes, sometimes we may not feel like it, and He factored all of that in when he created us. He knew that our emotions and feelings may not always line up, but once we surrender and obey Him, He is able to use you to spread His love!
    Keep on loving,


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