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No Strings Attached!

As I write this message, I reflect on my first inclination about this piece and the composition of it. My initial message was to write about God's unconditional love for us and no matter what we may do or say, He still loves us. This is true and I may write a spin off about His unconditional love in another post. For this moment, I've been led to write a message regarding God's gifts that He so graciously blesses us with, and His intent to not take them away from us. Security is important to us, especially speaking from a female persona and perspective. Women and men alike seek security. Children, also, bask in security. Whether it is knowing that Mom or Dad will buy them the new toy they saw on a television commercial or knowing that they will be picked up from school around the same time each day, security has a significant place in each of our lives.

The Dilemma
When there is no security, oftentimes, doubt will creep in and cause us to second guess others or even ourselv…

My Prayer for Today

Over the past two weeks, we have been meeting and praying at Wednesday Bible Study. I am learning so much through the Word of God and praying according to the Word. Prayer is one of the best, if not the best gift, you can give someone. I know we pray when we need things, but I'm learning to pray for the things that God has a heart for. God wants us to pray according to His agenda.

My prayer for today:
Dear Lord, I pray that each person reading this right now will know you personally. I pray that their secret petitions are granted. According to your heart's desire, I will surrender my own will to Your will. I will walk in the victory that you have already predestined for me. Lord, increase my wisdom and knowledge. Help me to stand watch over those you have entrusted in my care. Cleanse me of anything that is not pleasing in your sight. Your word cleanses and convicts. All of the things that I have said and done that are not pleasing to You, I repent in the name of Jesus. All of …

Keep Smiling -:)

This is a random thought for today for I have been toiling with making decisions and juggling all the tasks that are apart of a day's journey. Although there may be some challenges that come our way, we have to keep smiling in the mist of the turmoil. I remember getting on an elevator one day and I apparently was smiling and the gentleman that got on with me said, "What are you smiling about"? I answered, "I'm just thankful". Things do not have to always go smoothly to smile. Just because you see a smile doesn't mean that we do not face trials and challenges. In fact, there is a constant array of turmoil that may occur in our personal lives and there are those things that affect us indirectly, which causes tension and conflict. However, if we do not go through the thick of life, how else are we to learn, grow, and mature into the individuals that we are destined to become.

Is it an overnight process? "No!" Is it worth complaining over? "…