Keep Smiling -:)

This is a random thought for today for I have been toiling with making decisions and juggling all the tasks that are apart of a day's journey. Although there may be some challenges that come our way, we have to keep smiling in the mist of the turmoil. I remember getting on an elevator one day and I apparently was smiling and the gentleman that got on with me said, "What are you smiling about"? I answered, "I'm just thankful". Things do not have to always go smoothly to smile. Just because you see a smile doesn't mean that we do not face trials and challenges. In fact, there is a constant array of turmoil that may occur in our personal lives and there are those things that affect us indirectly, which causes tension and conflict. However, if we do not go through the thick of life, how else are we to learn, grow, and mature into the individuals that we are destined to become.

Is it an overnight process? "No!" Is it worth complaining over? "No!" The smile you see is one that gleams with assurance that God will strengthen the weak, hear the voices of His sheep, uplift the meek and humble, and He will never forsake His children.  On this day, we will keep smiling and rest assured that God's plan will never fail yet we remain steadfast and unmovable, holding close and relying on His Word for guidance.

Keep smiling,
From Blessed Assurance,


  1. A smile encourages others many times when we least expect. Great Post!

  2. John, yes, a smile encourages and sometimes we can take the simple things to make a whole of difference in the lives of others.

    Thanks and may God's blessings abound,


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