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Stand Still

Stand still for a moment to regroup and go in the direction that is best suited for God's mission.

Photograph Taken by: Tony Moore at the Ross Barnett Reservoir (Madison County, MS)

Over the last several months, I haven't posted many new posts to my blog. Sometimes, we have to stand still and seek God's guidance and direction. At times, I find myself wanting to orchestrate events the way I want them to occur, but one of the lessons I've been taught by the Spirit over the last few months is that God's timing is not ours and some times, I have to stand still and let God have His way. 
Yes, His ways are higher than my own ways. It takes a degree of submission and obedience to remain where God wants you to be, even it means distancing yourself from some things and people. I was just thinking that although things don't work out the way we would have liked for them to, God knows best! Having faith means I'm going to do what is required even if I can't see the r…