But God

When it seems like there is no way out of turmoil, but God can render a safe haven! He is our shelter in the time of storm.

When it seems like people are fickle, but God is a friend who can turn a frown into a smile. Thank you Jesus for being our friend.

When sickness and disease comes from all directions, but God is a healer! He heals us ALL! Thank you Lord for your healing hands.

When the roads seem crooked, but God can make the crooked places straight!

When foolishness is rampart, but God is our wise Counselor! Thank you Lord for wisdom.

When the weather forecasters predict rain, but God can send the sun in the mist of the rain. What a beautiful rainbow!

When all else fails, but God can pick you and I up and turn us around and use us for His glory!

When we make mistakes and offend others, but God is merciful and gracious to wipe the slate clean.

Dear Lord,
We surrender our will for Your Will. Although we may not fully understand our mission, we believe that you will reveal it to us in due season. As we draw close to You, You are transforming us into Your likeness. We admit to our flaws as we seek Your face. Wherever we go, we will tell someone how good You have been to us. Our destiny is great, we share an inheritance with Jesus Christ. We will follow You despite the attacks, for we know that without You, we are nothing. With You, we are everything! You have filled us with the peace, joy, and love that is incomprehensible! Thank you Lord for loving us unconditionally! We have been redeemed. We will walk uprightly and with a meekness that will point towards You! But God.....gets the credit!

In Jesus Name!


  1. I so needed this today. Thank you for sharing it!

    1. @Sean and Lisa - You're more than welcome! God knows what we need it even before we ever ask. Have a blessed day!



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