Outside View

When people shun you because they think that you have it "all together", don't try to explain yourself to them. We all go through things, but it's a choice whether we want to stay in them, or move out. Jesus came so that we could be free, I literally mean free. Free from sin, worries, negativity, turmoil, etc. Now that does not mean that the darts won't come up against us. In fact, the prince of the air comes to sift us as wheat. When that time comes, you better get some prayer partners who can get a prayer through or somebody who can show you what the Word of God actually says until you can understand that you don't need a high priest anymore and that you can go to the throne yourself. People tend to stand on the outside looking in and don't see the persecution you've been through to get where you are. Hold firm and know that God is no respecter of persons. Keep moving forward, because God purposes or acts according to His will. Then, He will get the Glory.
I got a little perturbed today. So, I had to tell it like I saw it. Some people you can lead them to the water, but they have to want to drink it. Just because they won't drink, doesn't mean that you or I should not drink the water. He said that once you drink My water, you will never thirst again. It takes going through some valleys to really appreciate the peaks. Keep moving forward!
Hugs, LaKenya....


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