Releasing Strongholds

I have come to the conclusion that I am tired of strongholds. I will not tolerate them anymore. A stronghold is anything that works against one to prevent them from doing the will of God. It can be a fear, an addiction, a dysfunction that has been passed down from generation to generation. Anything that has a grasp on a person and seems to have a life of it's own, is a stronghold and we are going to declare and decree that they are broken and released today, "In Jesus' Name".

Alcoholism is a stronghold that I want to focus on today. Some think that it is a disease, an addiction, a habit. I really don't know what to call it except that it is a stronghold that is contrary to God's best for anyone's life. Although there are plenty of other strongholds that can be mentioned, so we release them ALL today. It is time to put an expiration date on alcoholism and it ends today. Alcoholism is such a destructive sickness and can tear apart families, have long lasting emotional and social effects on people for years, and throughout generations. God has said to not get drunk on wine, for it leads to debauchery. Debauchery means immoral behavior. The thing that is so odd about alcoholism is that it can be transforming. An individual who is sober can be a total different person than the one who has been overcome with alcoholism. It disappoints and leaves those dreams unfulfilled, both for the individual who has succumbed by it and those we are directly and indirectly affected by it.

I know where two or three agree, God will do it. So, I need at least two or three to agree with me on releasing this stronghold: (Matthew 18:19)

Dear Lord:
Alcoholism is not of You. Anything that will leave a person in a state that is not sober minded, is not of You. So, we come to you today, to dispel that disease, spirit, and sickness. You said that if we ask anything in Your name, You will do it. So, we ask that You remove this stronghold from my family and other families who have been affected by it. Release if from anyone who does not realize that it is not of You. We intercede on their behalf right now. We speak that from this day forward, there is a fresh new beginning. Confidences are restored and developed where they did not exist. Fears or distractions that contribute to this sickness is dispelled today. There is a better way to face pressure, thoughts, or even social pleasures. You are the answer that is needed. You will give the joy and peace that can be everlasting. Strengthen those who are affected by this sickness. Oftentimes, it seems as though the options are slim, frankly frustrating, but you will provide a way of escape. There is power in prayer and agreement, so we exercise it today and everyday. Every person that will read this and pray this prayer will be delivered from other strongholds, as well. As we give this stronghold over to You and release it, we believe that the work has been set in the atmosphere and the manifestation of it will happen soon. We know that you can change situations instantly. We believe by faith that it is already done!

In Jesus' Name,


  1. Thank you Lord. As I reread this today, I thank you for being a merciful Father!


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