Faint Not

Keep doing and believing what God has ordained you to do. In due season, you will reap if you faint not, hang in there!

Today, I met with my son's teacher regarding an incident that occurred on his birthday. He wrote a story ark one day and the next day, he wrote a paragraph about a totally different topic. She perceived it as him trying to get back at her for some reason by not following directions. In my inner being, I felt that he really didn't understand or know that he was to continue the narrative based on the story ark.
Afterwards, I asked him, why did he write that second paragraph and he said that he didn't know that he was suppose to be writing about the same story that he depicted in his story ark. He thought she just wanted them to write a story. Without him saying anything, I could feel that he knew "Moma" was going to support him and back him.
This holds true to the relationship that God has with His children. He knows that His children will be perceived incorrectly, persecuted, and even misunderstood. In all of that, He still loves us and wants to teach us that with Him, we can come out on top.
Notably, I walked out of that meeting feeling a new drive to help prepare my son to write and be the best writer he can be. I discerned a sense of disappointment or even hurt in her voice that she had in the past been rejected or even misunderstood. Many times, the way we perceive things is skewed by the way we have experienced these things in our past. On one hand, I am tasked to help my son write fluently and on the other, I am tasked to reach out to his teacher and let her know that it is alright. Those feelings of rejection and hurt can be healed by renewing your mind and letting your guards down to the point where you can exude positive reinforcement and it be just that. Coupled with that, the belittling that is most likely oblivious, can be put to rest.
When we begin to use the fuel God equips us with, to hang in there and not give up, we do achieve a great victory. Only the strong survive in a world full of confusion. So, thank you for the challenge to be the very best that God has ordained me to be. In the process, I won't forget about you. We will use the process to heal, bandage up the wounds and scars that have crippled our perception.
Today is the day and we will work through this together.
Purposefully Writing,


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