44 Jewels of the Nile Tribute

To:  Soror Twanda Jackson-Mickle (My spec) & DST Beta Gamma F'95

Congratulations on celebrating 20 years in this great sisterhood of Delta Sigma Theta. This is indeed a milestone that you all should be so elated to celebrate and fellowship with one another this weekend. Jewels are precious stones, cut and designed intricate for specific yet different purposes. You all have demonstrated the characteristics that are so befitting of your line name. It takes courage, perseverance, drive, and commitment to keep moving forward. There are so many that weren’t afforded the opportunity to be a part of such an elated group of women.

Over the span of two decades, it is my prayer that you all have loved yourselves, your families, others, the community and supported causes that uplift and made our world a better place. Learning is a lifelong process, so I know you all have and still contribute to the continuing of educational programs in your circles and abroad.

With the love, learning, sisterhood, fellowship and living life to the fullest, it has all been made possible by the grace of God. Thank you all for being such beacons of light that shine on top of a hill. Although there may have been some challenging times over the years in all of your lives, remember you are jewels; precious; crafted intricately. Survivors take the resources given and make the best of them to produce a harvest that will not only impact their generation but the generations to follow. I dedicate this poem to all of you and our great sisterhood that we share as members of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated.


You brought such joy when you crossed the desert sands
In the fall of 1995, the year of the land
Neither did you know the impact before
But you would take care of each other over the next twenty years with joy galore

I too experience the love of such sisterly love
Remember that God shall be your first love
With peace and authority shall you speak
Don’t worry if they call you bold, mild or meek

For Deltas are divas that none can touch
We are there for one another when times are good and rough
Now that you are here again this weekend
Enjoy yourselves, laugh, live, pray as your faith don’t waiver or bend

So, Forty-Four Jewels of the Nile, Twanda, LaShonda, Sherrelle, Twana, Angela and all the crew
Keep carrying the torch of sisterhood as we have reached one-hundred two
As you go about your day today and everyday
Pause and thank God that He has brought you all a mighty long way

Much love to you all Big Sisters, enjoy yourselves, and embrace each day with grace and peace.

Sisterly Love,
LaKenya D. McClenty-Moore
Mocha Monologue
DST Beta Gamma F’96
Dillard University-NOLA



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