Trusting in Him

As I reflect upon the last few months of studying the Word of God and thinking about certain turn of events, I decided to trust God to help me make the decisions that He wants me to make, the connections He orchestrates, the conversations He wants me to partake in, the missions He wants me to pursue. Sometimes people tend to look at the outer persona and cast opinions, speculations, and even misconceptions based on their own perspective. God told me to stay humble and trust Him to work things out for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.

Sure, the flesh is wrestling with the spiritual persona everyday, and if I don't carefully watch it, the flesh may get an edge over the spiritual persona. Now, I'm understanding that I must worship Him in spirit and in truth. Truth is what God stood for, taught, and even sacrificed so that you and I are free from darkness and can walk in the light. It's available to us! Will we recognize the truth when it presents itself? Underneath the masking and fluff, there is this lady who doesn't know how to pursue her dream because she was never taught that she is blessed and highly favored. There is the man confused about His position, because he was never exposed to the concept of his rightful dominion over the birds in the air and the fish in the sea. In addition, there are children wondering without a clear direction of purpose.

We just concluded a study of the power of a praying woman in my Sunday Bible Study class which not only taught me more about the importance of having a strong relationship with God and prayer life, but it also highlighted the importance of putting on the new creature (new clothes) and living according to God's will. Praying and seeking God's guidance is the key to fulfilling the destiny that has already been ordained.

Remain in Him and He will remain in You!

Trusting in the one and true God,


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